Steve Maile, Evangelist and Founder of New Zeal Global

About Steve Maile 


Steve Maile became a Christian in Auckland, New Zealand in 1979 and was trained for the ministry by his pastor, Dr Kevin Dyson - a prestigious Bible teacher and author. Steve freely acknowledges that Dr Kevin Dyson is his spiritual father in the Lord, whom along with his wife Joy, has guided Steve in the ministry from the early days in New Zealand 37 years ago, until now. Shortly after his training, Steve left a promising career as a head Chef to become a full time minister, preaching the Gospel worldwide, including ministering in Africa with Reinhard Bonnke from Christ for All Nations.

"Steve Maile has been called by God to do the work of an Evangelist which includes the often neglected area of equipping the saints to the work of Evangelism. He has the ability to provoke, challenge and convict those who are lukewarm. He also is gifted in imparting enthusiasm, confidence and effectiveness to those already doing the work"


Dr Kevin Dyson, New Covenant International, New Zealand 

Steve is now an international Evangelist and Pastor with over 30 years experience ministering the gospel and equipping believers in one-to-one evangelism. He has extensively travelled the globe to over fifty nations for the purpose of reaching the lost, equipping the saints, building up men and leading youth to be strong Christian disciples. He is a gifted singer and communicator whose infectious passion for Christ reaches people from all walks of life, with accompanying signs and wonders. 


Steve is also the senior pastor of the Oasis City Church network and is married to co-pastor Karina, both of whom lead a local church in Watford, England. His wife Karina is also a gifted speaker, specialising in women's ministry and addressing themes like holiness and godly relationships. Additionally, their four children - Celeste, Danny, Hannah and Joel, play an active role in the ministry, leading in areas like worship and youth ministry.

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